Kyocera Propel Network offers a full range of fiber optic cable network services and is a trusted resource for design, planning, implementation and maintaining, high speed internet connectivity via fiber optic systems.

Built on strong customer service, Propel offers value to clients with expertise in building, testing, fiber optic splicing, horizontal directional drilling, underground & aerial services and power supply preventative care and maintenance for all types of project requirements be it last mile, mobile backhaul, enterprise or cloud connectivity.

In addition to these services, propel offers a full line of technical services including system sweep, node optimization, and when required, 24-7 emergency repair and maintenance services.

In understanding the challenges involved in the deployment and the operation of fiber networks, Propel provides consultation services that address common problems with a multitude of proven solutions for both the passive as well as the active parts of the network, which include optimizing for large downlink speeds to superior QoS, that allow higher uplink speeds for cloud services, lower latency and more economical upgrades which enable operators to offer premium services and remain competitive  – for a fraction of the cost. While sharing the same values you need from your service provider, Propel will ensure that the best value is delivered always.