Kyocera Propel Network has a deep level of expertise in the telecom industry which meets the needs of Tier 1 operators and telecom vendors globally. Confident in our service quality, we provide End-to-End service that would ensure clients’ satisfaction. Kyocera Propel Network has delivered many large-scale projects in the ASEAN region for both Mobile Operators and Mobile Vendors alike. Propel Network is always ready to take on large scale projects in the region and offer a complete Managed Services for the services mentioned below. In some cases, Propel Network is open to provide financing for such large-scale deals.

Propel Network’s telecommunications services include:

  • Wireless network design and optimization
    • Turnkey network design for both outdoor & indoor system
    • Upgrading existing network to new technologies: UMTS (3G), LTE (4G)
    • Radio Frequency (RF) engineering
    • Cluster and Network Optimization
  • Network Deployment
    • Management of site acquisition
    • Site Construction
    • Telecom Installation & Commissioning
  • Network engineering
    • UTRAN
    • Core
    • Transport
  • Network augmentation for special events
    • Analysis of additional capacity needs
    • Utilization of actual network and projected traffic stats
    • Design and implementation for solutions, including COWs and camouflage sites
    • Indoor/in-building system