With patent pending proprietary ultra-broadband tethered drones used for communications, surveillance and inspection. Kyocera Propel Network’s aim is to change the face of infrastructure inspection, temporary cellular network expansion and public safety communications.

These Drones will be used to replace telecommunication towers when they fail by using a cutting-edge patent-pending technology in an ultra-high bandwidth tether system enabling weeks of flight time at 122 meters from a fixed or mobile base station. They can deploy from spaces as small as a parking spot vs a tower on an area the size of a football field and use an autopilot that provides you with very useful automation and control.

Eliminate highly paid tower climbers, falling risks and time costs during tower inspection with the tethered drones. Benefit from reduced inspection costs, productivity gains (more inspections per day), liability reduction and identify Rust, Damage, Electrical problems accurately with a full complement of state-of-the-art equipment inclusive of a 30x optical Zoom camera, LiDAR technology measurements, Thermal imaging, Ultraviolet Corona detection, Spectrum Analyzer measurements and Laser measurement tools. These drones will lead the regional marketplace with applications that range across Defense, Telecom, Public Safety, Transportation, Agriculture, Cartography, Security, Emergency Management and many more