Consultancy services are necessary and critical to the success of complex projects, which are high impact and time sensitive within any organization. Propel Network offers key services that range from process optimization, task identification, and leadership consultation with the objective to break down silo-work cultures, to engage stakeholders, and ensure your initiatives are completed within budget, scope, and schedule.

In working with Kyocera Propel Network, you can be assured that the proper expertise will be provided from the initiation to the completion of any project that support is required on. If your project is missing critical milestones or is lacking momentum, Propel’s skilled project management consultants will get your project back on track.

Propel’s Consultation service offerings, among many more include:

Business Process Management: Continuous improvement methodologies, combined with change management approaches to achieve stakeholder buy-in. With engaged stakeholders, the new business processes are clearly defined and applied throughout your organization.

Business Technology Management: Propel provides consultative IT support and in-house developed customized software solutions to prioritize every department’s portfolio of projects with an end-to-end approach to the implementation and execution of projects and other business functions.

Capital Management: Propel will oversee capital management throughout the duration of a project by mitigating risks while maintaining tight control over scope, schedule and budget. This includes developing business cases, planning, execution and ensuring the project delivers the expected value. Propel will evaluate, offer advice and draw upon its expertise to help clients meet their financing needs.